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The Looking Glass - Women's Affirmation Journal

The Looking Glass - Women's Affirmation Journal

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A 60-day guided journal to cultivate self-awareness and honor your truths. Grab your new favorite pen, a quiet corner, and prepare to look inward into all parts of yourself. Invite in grace, love, and compassion as you take this journey and peer through the looking glass.


* 6 Categories of prompts

*120 pages of journaling with specific prompts and exercises

*Mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations, movement, and mantra exercises to invite in calming and restorative breaks in between prompts

*Daily entries with specific prompts and instructions to guide you through introspection

*Over 55 unique questions that are recycled daily, so no two days are the same

*Insightful quotes and proverbs sprinkled throughout 

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